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SET TIME: 18:30 - 19:00

Tummyache is An Alternative Rock Project created by songwriter/producer Soren Bryce. The project is named after one of the side effects of severe physical anxiety.  Tummyache manifested from Bryce’s need to explore a new set of emotions she experienced while living in Brooklyn, New York. the debut EP “HUMPDAY” was an honest and aggressive self-dive into a myriad of intra/interpersonal issues; as well as a reflection of the human condition through the lens of absurdism.


Tummyache's newest unreleased album was crafted in the shed of her parent's backyard at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first single "DIY!!" uncovers impolite truths with harsh guitars and intentionally trivial lyrics. It is a tongue-in-cheek review of the local American DIY scenes she found herself in over the past several years. To follow up the inaugural single ‘D.I.Y’, she released a new single and video for the title track from her upcoming album entitled "Soak", on October 8th. Tummyache harnesses the restless spirit of the initial 1980s indie surge, through the bluster and beauty of ‘90s alternative, and plants a flag firmly in the present-day D.I.Y landscape.


Bryce muses "Soak was inspired by newfound neurotic and tedious habits that formed during the isolation of the pandemic, whilst adjusting to being in a new country. A new kind of forced domesticity caused me to avoid reality and I wasn't able to fall back on my usual escapism methods. I learned a lot about myself".

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Chelsea Jade Metcalf is a South African-born New Zealand singer-songwriter and record producer based in Los Angeles. Vice has described her as New Zealand's "Accidental Dream Pop Hero". In 2017, she was nominated for New Zealand’s Silver Scroll Award for song of the year for her song "Life of the Party."

She also does visual art.

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