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SET TIME: 21:30 - 22:00

The KTNA wear their heart on their sleave and channel an unapologetically strong, northern spirit into their craft. Twin sisters born in Kenya, raised and now residing in Manchester, Hope and Millie Katana weave their candid lyrics around unique productions to create music which demands to be noticed.

At 26 they have already achieved more than most, beginning their singing career on CBBC show Clash before catching the attention of TV executives who were quick to cast them in the long running BBC drama, Waterloo Road. However, it was always songwriting that burned the brightest and after some setbacks The KTNA were formed. Their debut EP Life Under Siege, kickstarted their musical project in March 2019, going on to receive support from the likes of Clash, The Fader, tmrw Mag, and BBC 1xtra. Brimming with raw honesty about past trauma whilst also looking optimistically ahead, the project resonated the greatest over the Covid-19 lockdown, as fans sought solace in the themes the EP explored.


The KTNA explained, “during this pandemic lots of people have lost their jobs, their freedoms, and sometimes their sanity. Life Under Siege has helped people through this pandemic by making people feel seen, heard, and understood. It has been an outlet for so many to cry too. Sometimes that’s all you need…” Resurgence, The KTNA’s follow up EP (out 22nd September 2021), marks the return of the duo with a new, lighter sound that is both self-written and self-produced. “Resurgence has given us a new lease of life, it’s the start of a new KTNA era.. it’s our first evolution. Although we’re still essentially the same sisters of darkness, we wanted to show the world a more upbeat side of us, a new side, dare we say…a grown woman sultry side!”.


Their first single from the project, ‘Can’t Stop It’, rings true to this new approach with a hard-hitting beat and soulful topline sung with their unmistakable Mancunian twang. The track is a realisation moment for the duo, that even with all the setbacks that the pandemic has put upon them they are as driven as ever.


Taken as a whole, the EP marks a settled maturity for Hope and Millie after uncertain times, “we’re a little older now and we’re in a different place in our lives. We definitely feel more comfortable being ourselves and it reflects in the music and our visuals.” With this fresh outlook on life and untapped ambition, The KTNA are a force to be reckoned with and look set to turn heads this year. “This time around we aren’t holding back for anyone!”.

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