Live in the Holden Gallery (Main Room)

We were delighted to work with Raz Ullah to transform the Holden Gallery Main Room into an immersive sonic playground.


Raz Ullah is a musician and sound artist whose work incorporates analogue and digital elements, interactive software, video projection and homemade instruments. He has presented large-scale audio-visual works in Paris, Prague, Hangzou, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Dundee.


A keen advocate of improvised performance, he performs regularly as a solo electronic artist as well as touring internationally with Jane Weaver (Fire Records).



Camera Operators

Stefanos Aktipis

Finn Logan Browning

Martin Cross

Evan Wilson

Live Vision Mixing

Sam Heitzman


Louis Gilbert

Sam Heitzman

Video Edit

Evan Wilson


Ben Heyes

Produced by

Evan Wilson

Sam Heitzman