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Art School Live - Kiran Leonard // The Universal Veil - Thurs 13th Jan - 18:00

Art School Live - Kiran Leonard // The Universal Veil - Thurs 13th Jan - 18:00


Live in SODA Studio 8 - 18:00 - Thurs 13th Jan

We are delighted to welcome Kiran Leonard and The Universal Veil (aka Folklore Tapes) to Studio 8 for a live-streamed session at 6pm on Thursday the 13th of January 2022. This will be the maiden voyage for this brand new studio, and we're really happy to be able to kick things off with two amazing bands.




The “TRESPASS ON FOOT GROUP” was convened to support Kiran Leonard’s new record of the same name, a record in two 59-minute parts released on double cassette/double CD in October 2021. The first half of Trespass on Foot was recorded alone in six days, consisting of five long pieces for voice, electric guitars, and radio and feedback collages; the second half, with shorter, acoustic songs, was recorded over three years across different houses, with friends contributing strings, woodwind and voices. Inspired by Jonas Mekas’ ‘epic home movies’, the complete record takes the ‘domestic’ as its primary subject matter, and everything that very nebulous word contains: interiority, frontiers, safety, desire for escape, joy, sadness, stasis, changes.


This new five-piece is an attempt at finding a midpoint between the noisy electricity and quiet sparseness of discs one and two. The knotty and dense pieces performed by this group – new arrangements of songs from Trespass on Foot and from earlier records – are (as Kiran tells himself) “a bit more like chamber music, actually”. The unique instrumentation of the line-up allows for a broad dynamic range, ranging from quiet, reverberant chord clusters to fractious polyrhythms. First premiered at last year’s End of the Road Festival, Trespass on Foot Group features members of Caroline, Shovel Dance Collective, Dear Laika and Historically Fucked.


“One of the UK’s most underrated singer-songwriters” - The Guardian


“I tried to find something wrong with it to avoid sounding crazy and hyperbolic in my praise—because how could anything sound this powerful—but I came up empty” - Paste


“Typically dense/intense double album from the Saddleworth subversive: one disc of solo guitar and electronics, the other with a chamber group” - Uncut





Folklore Tapes (aka The Universal Veil) is an ongoing research and musical heritage project covering and soundtracking the folklore, mythology and occult annals of the UK in volumes of tapes and vinyl. Exploring mysteries, myths, nature, topography and strange phenomena of the counties.




Art School Live is a series of performances and events live-streamed from around the Manchester School of Art. The events are a collaboration between students and the technical team here at the university. Each show is used to promote a local band or artist, with production duties carried out by the students.




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