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Live in the Holden Gallery

We worked with K to turn The Holden Gallery's main space in to an immersive A/V installation. K brought his A-Game and transformed the space with dark drones, sparse beats and his incredible monochrome video projections. This was a really special evening back at the end of January, and we're really happy to be able to share the video now.


K (A.R.C. SOUNDTRACKS, Last Harbour) is an A/V artist working with elements of noise, drones, hand-built instruments, sequenced samples, digital distortion, and stark, minimal beats to produce live soundtracks for images of constructed landscapes, distorted figures and deep space. These industrial, ritual works incorporate 20th century science fiction alongside contemporary speculative ideas of the end of the world, reimagining them as a dynamic audio/visual performance.


Camera Operators

Finn Logan Browning

Stefanos Aktipis

Martin Cross

Evan Wilson


Sam Heitzman

Louis Gilbert

Video Edit

Evan Wilson

Production Assistant

Arber Binjaku


Ben Heyes

Produced by

Evan Wilson

Sam Heitzman

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