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Hainbach & Josh Semans - Art School Live - 18:30, 23rd of March

Hainbach & Josh Semans - Art School Live - 18:30, 23rd of March



Hainbach is coming to Manchester!


Based in Berlin, electronic music composer and performer Hainbach creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called "One hell of a trip". Hainbach will be coming to Manchester on Wednesday the 23rd of March to film a show in one of the studios at the School of Digital Arts. With support from ondes Martenot player Josh Semans.




Based out of Berlin, Germany, electro-acoustic composer and “that guy with the sweaters” Hainbach creates experimental music that is both visceral and whimsical. Using esoteric synthesizers, test equipment and magnetic tape he creates one hell of a trip in his improvised live sets. He shares techniques on experimental music on his YouTube channel, which has attracted a regular audience of over 100000 subscribers. His music has been released on Seil Records, Opal Tapes, SA Recordings and




"Josh Semans is an ondes Martenot player, composer, and producer based in the north-west of England. His work is uniquely textured, employing a range of instruments, sound-sources, and processes. A keen improviser, his creative process is a cocktail of exploration, repetition, and abstraction. He works tirelessly to bring the ondes Martenot - one of the earliest electronic musical instruments, invented by French cellist and wartime radio operator Maurice Martenot - to new audiences, and is a fierce advocate for the preservation, proliferation, and publication of the unique and tragically seldom-heard musical instrument."




Art School Live is a series of performances and events live-streamed from around the Manchester School of Art. The events are a collaboration between students and the technical team here at the university. Each show is used to promote a band or artist, with production duties carried out by the students.

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