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Live in the Holden Gallery

We were super happy to welcome Bunny Hoova for our December session in the Holden Gallery (Film Room). Here is their full set in UHD, enjoy.


You can listen to Bunny Hoova's debut LP here:


From Them There records:

"Introducing Bunny Hoova. 2019 marks the release of the auspicious debut album ‘LONGING’. Originally from Rotterdam now residing in Manchester, Bunny Hoova has found a comfortable home amidst the city’s burgeoning music scene.


Three years in the making, LONGING connects her movements from studying at the Conservatory of Amsterdam to her new found home in the Rainy City. Anchored around a slurred, soulful vocal, the 13 tracks interweave treated samples and guitars with spare, low key drums; all glued together by Hoova’s imaginative production. Striking her own wavvy line between garage art-pop and ramshackle soul.


Tiny Mix Tapes - “LONGING jukes and jolts, consistently pulling the rug out and offering another fine moment of pop seduction.” Hard to disagree; these sickly sweet vignettes are bona fide songs, and ones of communicable realities and experiences at that, but they never succumb to formula or linearity.


AQNB - lusciously unstable jumble of rhythm guitar, beats and percussion that is perfectly lo-fi in its execution."


Camera Operators

Stefanos Aktipis

Kiran Crampton

Sam Robson

Ed Murden

Live Vision Mixing

Evan Wilson


John Campbell

Sam Heitzman


Sam Heitzman

Video Edit

Evan Wilson

Production Assistant

Liam Broadbelt

Produced by

Evan Wilson

Sam Heitzman

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